Sales Management Software

Connect your inventory to all of your sales channels in real time.

Standardisation and accuracy can make or break your capacity to properly serve your consumers. The Warehouse Management Solution sales management software from Seashore Solutions makes it simple to manage and adjust your sales operations, from field sales to phone orders to e-commerce integrations, ensuring you meet your growing business needs and client base.


Our system acts as a central database to collect all the sales that you make across different channels. You’ll be able to create sales orders for your offline sales, and all your online sales orders will be automatically fetched into the system.

Easily access all of your sales orders from a single place.

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Accurate Inventory

We excel in the art of packaging and shipping. Our tailored solutions ensure that your cargo is handled with precision and care, from pick-up to delivery.

  • The Warehouse Management Solution from Seashore Solutions provides a consolidated view of all your active packages in a single window. The parcels are labelled as Not Shipped, Shipped, and Delivered to provide you with a brief overview of their status and to assist you in planning your future steps.

  • Each package you generate, like every sales order, has a distinct identity (known as a package number). Keeping track of your package numbers becomes a major task when your turnover increases. To avoid this, use our package number auto-generation tool, this handles the numbering sequence and makes tracking packages in progress easier.

  • A package slip, also known as a packing slip, is a document that contains a detailed summary of the order and shipment details. With Seashore Solutions’ Warehouse Management Solution, you can not only produce package slips, but also customise, print, store, and email them to your shipping carrier. Seashore Solutions’ Warehouse Management Solution also saves you time by automatically filling out all of the details on the packing slip.

Multi-Warehouse Management

LogiTrac360 streamlines invoicing for your logistics needs. Our intuitive platform simplifies the invoicing process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your financial transactions.

    • Instantly generate invoices from your sales orders. The Warehouse Management Solution from Seashore Solutions automatically aggregates data and generates bills for your clients based on one or many sales orders.
    • Use customised invoices to ensure that you constantly convey the appropriate tone. Seashore Solutions’ Warehouse Management Solution provides several templates from which to customise your invoice.
    • You can effortlessly import and export invoices. Get all of your data organised and safely saved on a centralised server. Maintain track of the status of all your invoices to guarantee that you are paid on time.
Multi-Warehouse Management
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