Purchasing Management Software

Automate Stock levels and streamline your purchasing process in one place

Obtain immediate, accurate stock updates and maintain control across all sites with our real time inventory management solution. Enhance efficiency and minimize errors with comprehensive visibility into stock levels, aiding effective decision-making and ensuring seamless operations across all locations


Manage all of your vendor transaction and Bills in one place so that you never have to compromise your data or your Vendors Relations

    • It is simple to make a price list. Simply input a name and a percentage to increase or decrease. Any price list can be applied to a specific vendor or purchase order so that item prices are automatically updated when you select the same vendor or purchase order in the future.
    • A vendor might offer a different discount rate for each item. In such cases, you can import the item details with the updated pricing in a single CSV file. A new price list will be created which you can apply to relevant cases.
    • In addition to importing price lists, you can also export and share your price lists with others. Use this feature to discuss with your peers and vendors, or share with a prospective vendor to negotiate a better deal.
Accurate Inventory

Manage product ordering, Black-order and billing efficiently

    • Convert purchase invoices into detailed bills that show you how much money you owe your vendors. Keep track of your bills and make sure you pay them on time.
    • Keep a record of any modifications you make to your purchase orders or bills. Seashore Solutions stores all of your activities in a database, allowing you to evaluate them at any time.
    • Create purchase orders quickly and easily. Purchase orders with detailed fields prevent incorrect shipments and can be prepared fast with autofill.
Multi-Warehouse Management
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