Inventory Management Software

Inventory Visibility and control in real time across locations

Obtain immediate, accurate stock updates and maintain control across all sites with our real time inventory management solution. Enhance efficiency and minimize errors with comprehensive visibility into stock levels, aiding effective decision-making and ensuring seamless operations across all locations


Get Rid of manual data input and guarantee that inventory records are kept up-to-date and precise.

    • See how much inventory you have at a glance.
    • Set reorder points to give yourself enough time to restock your stock.
    • Know what inventory is on hand, allocated, unavailable, pickable, and committed, all in one report.
    • Forecast future inventory needs easily to avoid dead stock and stock outs.
    • Eliminate the need for physical inventory counting, saving you time and money.
    • Receive notifications when inventory goes below predefined levels.
    • Create purchase orders automatically to make reordering easier.
Accurate Inventory

Ensure that every product in your inventory no matter where it is, is tracked and accounted for.

    • Inventory may be tracked across various warehouses using product Id, quantity, and serial number.
    • Create thousands of warehouses in various locations.
    • Determine where inventory should be held, check amounts, and quickly transfer goods between locations.
    • Inventory valuation, sales, parts, and quantities should be examined by location.
    • Take advantage of seasonal and location-based trends to improve inventory management procedures.
    • To prepare for seasonal variations in demand, move inventory within a single location or between facilities.
Multi-Warehouse Management

With LogiTrac360, You can keep on eye on what’s in your warehouse at all times.

  • Assign a unique serial number to each product so that you can trace them separately. The technology allows you to track things through many phases, from manufacturing to the hands of your customers.

  • Keep track of where your products are coming from and where they are going. Expiration dates can be tracked, quality checks can be performed, and each product can be traced back to its batch. This allows you to easily handle warranty claims and product recalls.

Inventory Tracking and Management
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