About LogiTrac360

About LogiTrac360

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LogiTrac360 is a warehouse management solution that is ready to elevate your warehouse operations.

It is important to know whom you are dealing with when you trust your cargo to us. So read on: this is GLOBAX Logistics, this is how we think, and this is how we move.

Our solutions’ efficacy is the result of being developed and enhanced by warehouse management professionals that have a thorough understanding of the issues that warehouse managers and business owners confront on a daily basis in order to increase profit margins and efficiency.

The geniuses behind LogiTrac360 are now ready to help your organisation streamline its fulfilment processes, backed by years of expertise working in, managing, and optimising warehouse complexes. Whatever issues your warehouse encounters, LogiTrac360 has a solution to help you overcome them!

By incorporating LogiTrac360 into your warehouse procedures, you can improve your logistics experience and ensure that your warehouse becomes the most efficient and productive version of itself.

Our team ethos and customer relationship are unlike any other WMS, with customer interaction being critical to LogiTrac360’s success. Every month, new features and enhancements are developed based on client requirements and feedback, with the ultimate goal of lowering your operational expenses and enhancing service standards.

LogiTrac360 is a tried-and-true warehouse management system that will keep your warehouse working like a well-oiled machine!

Technology Solutions partner for all your Warehouse needs.